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Frequently Asked Questions

 01  Who is Pervasip Corp.?

Pervasip Corp. is a publicly-traded company and a developer of companies and technologies in Cannabis and Medical Fungi and owns 100% of Artizen Corporation (“Artizen Corp”) and a strategic investment in KRTL. 

 02  On what exchange does the stock of Pervasip trade?

Prevasip trades over the counter or OTC.

 03  What are Pervasip's ticker symbol and CUSIP number?

The company's ticker symbol is PVSP and its CUSIP number is 715709200

 04  When is Pervasip's fiscal year-end?

The company's fiscal year-end is November 30.

 05  Who is Pervasip independent auditor?

Pervasip has been using the alternative reporting method but recently hired Marcum LLP, Accountants & Advisors as its auditors

 06  Who is Pervasip's transfer agent?

Worldwide Stock Transfer LLC

Address:   1 University Plaza Suite 505, Hackensack, NJ 07601

Contact Name:   Cristiano Germinario


Phone Number:   201-820-2008

 07  How can I contact Investor Relations?

Please send an email to

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