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The Artizen Brand 

Artizen - synonymous with premium cannabis at an affordable price. As one of the OG brands in Washington State, it has a loyal following and its brand recognition reaches across borders

Artizen™ is the 9th largest cannabis consumer brand in North America according to MJBiz Magazine, November 2021. Pervasip acquired the Artizen IP and made Artizen the first of possibly many consumer focused brands in our brand arsenal. 

Developed in the early days of 2014 on the back of years of experience in medical cannabis, the early founding members decided to grow some of the Northwest’s most well-known strains, add new genetics and create a brand of premium flower products that would eventually establish Artizen as one of the premier consumer brands in Washington State.

Recognizing the need for consistency, quality and the opportunity to reach customers across state borders, Artizen was spun off into a brand asset and licensed to independent cultivators in Washington State. The brand’s responsibility to its customers required implementation of grow SOPs, genetic road-mapping, branding assets, and various tools needed in support of marketing and selling Artizen™ branded products.

As one of Washington’s original cannabis brands, Artizen - branded products are the all-time fourth best-selling in Washington across all product categories, and the all-time third in flower. The commitment to quality and consistency behind Artizen™ has built a substantial following, fueling more than $69 million in wholesale sales to a distribution network with more than 200 retailers, corresponding to more than $200 million in retail value since inception in 2015. ZAM is looking to expand its service into Oregon and California through similar long-term arrangements with cannabis licensees operating in these states. 

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